Logo Variation

Where can you use your logo?

Basically everywhere! From your products and packaging to social media and websites, business cards, thank you notes, banners, newsletters, stickers, business vehicles, people stoppers, maps, invoices, promotional merchandise, clothes or even get a tattoo with your brand’s logo 🙂 anywhere you can imagine.

Logo variations

Simply put, the variations of your brand identity are several forms of your logo. In terms of style, they are fairly similar to one another. Indeed, the more unified they appear, the better. 

Their form is the most significant distinction between them. There are 4 main variations and each is appropriate for a specific use scenario: primary logo, secondary/ wide one, submark and favicon. Let’s talk about when to use each of them!

Primary logo

Your major logo is the most comprehensive and complicated form of your brand. It usually consists of words (your brand name) and a one-of-a-kind illustration or icon. 

The primary logo is the most popular variation, and it is best used for large displays, such as website headers, brochures, and signage.

Wide or Horizontal Logo (Secondary)

The horizontal or secondary logo has some restructuring or simplification, such as the removal of the tagline. In certain circumstances, a horizontal one is nothing more than a typographic emblem with the brand name and no other elements.

Wide designs are perfect for letterheads, email signatures, and social media banners.


A submark is a design version that has been shortened and simplified. There are several exceptions, such as when it only has the trademark insignia or initials. Submarks are usually round or square in shape.

Submarks are great for small displays where the primary and secondary logos become illegible, such as social media profile pictures, footers, and watermarks.


A favicon is a small icon that appears next to your website’s title in the browser tab. Because it’s so little, it usually only contains the primary logo’s icon. The favicon may be made up of the brand name initials if the logo system does not contain an icon.

I hope that this quick reading journey has made things a little clear about where you can use the logo and what are the variations of it that you can use.

Do you want to talk more about what is the best option for your business? I’ll be happy to put all my creativity and skills at work to make your vision a reality.

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