About page: 7 tips to win the client’s attention

Making you About page is hard, I know. Especially if you are like me and it’s very challenging for you to talk about you or your work. But -spoiler alert- you have to. The reason your About page is so important is because it reminds people that the business is runned by a person. 

Through the About page, we can know the person behind the business and connect more easily if we know the full story, not just what you sell but who you are, what’s your story, how did you start, what were your struggles and so on… 

The main objective of the about page is to humanize the brand. And here are some tips to do that:

about page win clients

1. Label the page  “About” or “About Us” 

And put it in the primary menu of your website. People have been trained to search for this. Make it clear and straightforward.

Most online pages have a title or headline at the top so the reader understands what they’re about to read. Forget attempting to be clever or cute. Select simplicity over ingenuity.

2. Start with your unique value proposition or elevator pitch

Tell them about yourself, what you do, and the kind(s) of people you help and how you do that. Avoid wasting their time with dry mission statements and other business jargon.

Just give a brief description of your mission and give them a reason to ask for further information.

3. Tell what makes you unique – what is your differentiator?

You may need to do some research for this one, but you need to identify some ways in which you distinguish from your competition. In the absence of that, you’re just another business that sells another similar thing.

Saying “we’re the best” or “we’re #1” is insufficient (even if you really are). That is uninformed and lazy.

You should only include quantifiable and observable items on your list. Here are some examples:

Do you have lower prices than the competition? Your rates can be greater or the same, but you provide a superior value.

Do you have late hours? Can I come in on the weekends, where everywhere is closed in your area?

Do you have a large number of favourable online reviews, compared to your rivals’ few or negative ones?

Do you have any specialisations that your competition doesn’t have in any one area?

Are you able to provide a stronger warranty or guarantee than others?

Do you employ a special tool, strategy, or procedure that sets you apart from others?

the importance of about page

4. Add Social proof

Prospective customers are interested in what others have to say about you and the company you keep. It bolsters your self-worth.

So, to provide social evidence, seek the aid of customers, coworkers, companies, organisations, even famous people. More is always better. There is never too much.

This list will help you remember:

  • Testimonials from happy customers.
  • Links to reputable online reviews on sites like Yelp and Google.
  • Endorsements from reputable organisations, leaders in the sector, or peers.
  • Notable individuals or companies you have worked with or for.

5. Tell your story 

Everything up to this point has been centred towards your business. We wish to now turn our attention to you as a unique individual.

People are curious, as was previously said. Tell us a little about yourself – what background do you have, do you have a family, how did you start the business, what other passions do you have, what are your future plans professionally? 

how to win clients with a good About page

6. Use photos of you (portrait or at work, regarding your business)

The most common error on about pages is leaving off your picture.

You don’t need to have movie star looks. People merely want to see your appearance so they can associate your name with your face. This is even more important if you want to create a feminine brand design.

7. The call to action

Ok, maybe the reader has been impressed by the page and wants more. At this point, you can ask him to do something to keep in touch with you and your business. Such as:

  • Call to make an appointment or submit a consultation request.
  • Subscribe to your email list.
  • Join you on social media 
  • Check out your latest article
  • Respond to a survey
  • Take a look at a video or podcast
  • Download a free white paper or report
about page win clients

Has this been useful? 🙂 Here’s more: talk in the 1st person to make it personal and approachable, make a great copy (if you want, use a professional copywriter to do it for you) and, most importantly don’t brag- just tell people your story and hope for the best 🙂 

Do you need help in making a kick-ass page? I am here to help- just say the word.

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