6 Tips for writing an effective services/ products Page

A potential customer has found your website and is currently satisfied with the vibe your business exudes from your home page. But your website’s work is not yet finished. Your customer will click over to your services and products page to see descriptions and to make sure what you have to offer matches what they’re looking for before deciding if you’re the best company for the task.

A crucial opportunity to turn a visitor into a buyer is provided on this page. The way you market your services may determine whether someone picks up the phone, clicks on the add to cart button, or clicks away.

How can you then market your services in a way that resonates with the clients you actually want to work with? By optimising the services page. 

This page has to contain all the details a prospective client requires to decide whether or not your service is a good fit for them. If you’re having trouble deciding what to include on your services page, develop a list of the details your clients require in order to complete a purchase. Here are some questions that may help:

  • What are the most important aspects of your services?
  • What adjectives do you use to describe your work?
  • Who is your main client and what does he want? 


  • Pick appealing names for the service
  • Write plain and simple what the service includes
  • Write who is it for, how it may help
  • Tell a short story about how life is without your service, then highlight some benefits that your service may bring to the table
  • Write down the process
  • Add Social proof
  • Add A strong call to action
how to make a services and product page

Here are a little bit more tips on helping you develop the services webpage:

1. Use keywords strategically

Although they shouldn’t be your first concern when producing the copy for your service page, keywords should still be taken into account because they are important for SEO. You can use pertinent search terms connected to your company’s products and services to help you name your services and maybe the location.

2. Speak to your buyer personas

Your website visitors are more likely to convert the more specific your marketing message may be. Consider developing distinct pages that are tailored to each target persona’s needs if you have more than one target persona who might be interested in your product or service. 

Let’s take the example of a design firm that develops websites for both doctors and dentists. For each audience, you might make a special landing page and then tailor the language and visual cues to fit their interests. Make sure your service page communicates to them directly, even if you only have one target persona to consider.

3. Tell them how you can make their life easier

Determine your consumers’ primary worries and how your services can assist them overcome them by using the information from your personas. This will make it easier for you to write a pitch that will persuade readers that your service is the answer to their problems.

services and product pages on a website

4. Use social proof

Site visitors are aware that your product or service page is all about advertising your company and extolling its virtues. Unless you can include some social proof, most of what you say will be taken with a grain of salt. In essence, social proof is a recommendation from a third party individual or company, for example:

  • Testimonials
  • Reviews
  • Social sharing metrics
  • Social following metrics

5. Features vs benefits

List the features of your services, followed by a description of how each feature translates into a benefit. A benefit could be something you assist consumers in obtaining or a drawback you can assist them in averting. In other words, what will the customer acquire or how will they feel after using your service? 

Utilise these concepts to make your content more alluring by considering how your solution makes their lives better, simpler, more cost-effective, or more pleasant.

6. Include a compelling CTA

Don’t just list the things you provide on your product or service website. You must encourage your visitors to proceed to the next step. This might be a “purchase now” button if you sell goods. 

This might be a “contact us to learn more” call-to-action if you provide services (CTA). Try, if you can, to add a sense of urgency to motivate individuals to take action. Get 10% off our services if you contact us before the new year, for example, or just plain language like “Act now” or “Contact us today!”

effective product and services page

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