Silk Scarf – by Criss Rosu

  1. Yvette says:

    The design on the scarf is beautiful, the quality is so soft & silky. A must have! I give it 5stars for the beautifully designed item, prompt response time & delivery.

  2. Women’s Bimmer Club says:

    This scarf is so gorgeous! Same visual as the pics. It’s silky and the print is absolutely gorgeous. I love the details from the macarons to the cars which is my favorite as being in the car industry. I can’t wait to wear it.
    The shipping and packaging was seamless.
    Definitely recommend adding to your collection.
    It’s a lovely piece to accent with a different pop of color… my fav would be green with this.
    Thanks Cris! I love it!

  3. I'm in America says:

    Scarf is so beautiful! The illustrations translate very well onto the silk scarf and they are drawn so beautifully. The quality of the silk is superior, the shipping around the world was very fast. I wore this today and got compliments! Truly a special piece 🙂

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