5 Must-haves for a great website that drive clients

You feel like your website, which was created on an antiquated platform years ago, is getting old? Does it have outdated information? Do you feel ashamed sending clients there? Nobody can locate it on Google? 

Now is the time and HERE IS THE SIGN. Update your website and come to the fun side! 🙂 Here are some must-haves for a great website!

Your homepage needs to serve many purposes. It should be created to serve various audiences with a wider range of origins, rather than being treated as a specific landing page focused on a single action.

must-haves for a great website

Check out these components that every homepage needs to increase its performance:

Quality Images

The majority of individuals are visually oriented. Use a picture or a brief video to outline exactly what you’re offering.

Use visuals to elicit emotion, motivate action, and effectively express the message you’re trying to tell.

Use high-quality photos with small file sizes to optimise your images for mobile viewers. Additionally, always include alt text in your picture files to improve screen reader accessibility and boost your SEO efforts.


Before deciding to collaborate with you, prospective clients need to trust you. Customer testimonials have the greatest effectiveness rate for content marketing, according to WebDAM Solutions, at 89%.

One of the most popular pages on the websites we build for our clients is frequently the testimonials page. Ask your clients for permission to use their true identities when you do collect testimonials.

SEO Strategy

Customers who are familiar with your brand can find your website, but what about those who are not? The key to increasing internet traffic and producing leads is to optimise your site with relevant keywords that correspond to a searcher’s goal. 

All of these things are a component of an effective SEO strategy.

There are various best practices you can use when creating new pages to help with your SEO strategy.

· Use relevant keywords when writing your meta descriptions and title tags.

· Keep your URL short, simple to follow, and include popular keywords

Mobile Friendly Design

More and more individuals are choosing mobile phones and tablets over desktop or laptop computers every day. In January 2023, 92.3% is the percentage of the users that are accessing the internet via mobile devices (source here)

If you do not consider a smartphone strategy for your website, you will most likely be missing out.

Growth driven design

Even the design of websites has been updated. It is no longer feasible to build, launch, and then abandon it for two years. Internet users and search engines expect more frequent updates, and your salespeople do as well! Even if the content does not change, the architecture of your site has to.

Track your visitor data, make changes based on it, and watch your conversions thrive.

must-haves for a great website


The homepage of your website is the first introduction a visitor will have to your company.

Before they decide to become a client, they’ll look over your homepage to get a sense of what you offer, why it’s important to them, and how they might benefit from what you have to give.

Make a great first impression by using the elements listed above on your homepage.

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