Illustrations: why are they important and where to use them

I love when people appreciate the illustrations that I create. Every story is unique, and my purpose is to add a bit of colour and magic to your business.

In the past years, I’ve been asked what is the difference between an illustration and a logo and what purpose does these illustrations have for a business? Ok, they are pretty and all but… does it work? 

feminine branding with illustrations

In this article I will talk about what is an illustration, where can we use them and what kind of illustrations I can help you with.

So, what exactly is an illustration? An illustration is a drawing. Not a logo, that is a static icon used on business cards and websites, but an image, a story. It isn’t solely for the sake of branding. 

It’s the process of taking a photograph and reproducing it (or an idea) in a different medium. Consider a sketch or maybe a cartoon you’ve seen, or an image you’ve seen in a magazine or book.

While logo design and illustration can work together, they are vastly distinct. These are two completely separate professions with two completely different goals in mind. Graphic design is more aimed toward commercial art, while illustration is more geared toward fine art.

Graphic design has a powerful influence on communication and serves a specific purpose. It’s about bringing your target audience closer to you and your company. Illustration is a more imaginative way of expressing yourself and what your business has to offer.

feminine custom illustrations

We use Illustration in Creative Ways, such as:

  • Illustrations are excellent for conveying abstract ideas. It’s simple to depict a “coffee cup” with an image, but it’s more difficult to depict something like “energy.”
  • Illustrations are also useful for capturing an image’s desired tone or quality. Again, photographing a “coffee cup” is simple, but communicating a “happy coffee cup” is more difficult. Focus on the experience!
  • Illustrations are ideal for making one-of-a-kind, unforgettable visuals. Illustrators, after all, are artists who create unique artwork that is unlike anything else. 
branding illustration

Where do we use illustrations?

1. For creative brand storytelling.

Audiences’ emotional attachment to your brand is strengthened via brand tales. Illustrations can be used in a variety of ways as a result of this. 

Custom graphics are an excellent way to add to a great brand story or marketing campaign. And this way your brand will be memorable.

2. As Hero Images for Your Website.

A hero image gives viewers a glimpse of your brand and the services you provide. 

Because it’s in such a prominent location, getting the message right is critical. It must effectively communicate your brand’s message to your visitors.

3. As Images for Blog Articles

Blogs are designed to help your audience remember specific details about your company. A wall of text, on the other hand, can be tedious for most of us. Unless the text is aesthetically appealing, we can anticipate audiences to scan through it.

4. For Creative Social Media Posts and newsletters

Social media marketing can be effective, but only if it is done correctly. People that use social media are looking for something simple to consume. It’s critical to do this correctly in order to assist people comprehend your brand over time. 

Including visuals in your content prevents you from relying too heavily on words. It also implies that the photographs can assist your audience in connecting with your brand. It’s the ideal method to introduce the brand without making a big deal out of it.

5. For Product Packaging

Maintaining your brand message requires a strong packaging design. The details are important in every excellent brand story. 

Another way to maintain telling that tale is through your product packaging. Including graphics that link to your brand’s stories might help to strengthen your branding. 

As a result, your brand is more likely to be remembered.

custom illustrations on products

The takeaway

Many businesses spend a lot of money to stand out from the crowd, be noticed, and build a customer base. It’s a difficult marketing endeavour to create an emotional connection and trust between your business and your target audience.

Illustration is a surprisingly simple and cost-effective approach for brand advertising.

What do you mean by that? Illustration is a fantastic way to communicate. Illustrations are instantly recognizable, make difficult subjects easy to understand, inspire trust, and are easily remembered due to their visual simplicity. It’s a psychological aspect of human visual perception that all savvy marketers take advantage of.

Illustration is:

  • a means of standing out from the crowd
  • enjoyable and recognisable
  • simple to comprehend
  • emotionally interesting, dependable, and unforgettable

Types of illustrations:

  1. SINGLE Figure Illustration 
boss babes pink illustrations

This package is best for you if you are looking for a birthday illustration for yourself or as a gift. This is also the right package if you are looking to pair it with your logo design or as a profile picture as the focus is on the character. This illustration will have a simple plain white background or a soft watercolour splash.

  1. SINGLE Figure with background 
custom illustrations with shops

This illustration is perfect if you are a female business entrepreneur and you are looking for an illustration that represents both you and your business. This illustration will have a complex background such as a lovely shop or a scenery such as a travel location or something else you love .

  1. MULTIPLE Figure Illustration
female boss babe illustrations

This package is best for you if you are a female entrepreneur running a team, or if you and your business partner are looking for an illustration that presents you and your business.. 

This illustration will have a simple plain white background or a soft watercolour splash. The price may vary due to the complexity of the project and how many figures you need and background choice. 

  1. SHOP Illustration 
custom illustration

This is the right package for you if you own a boutique, a shop, a restaurant, a cafe or a beauty salon and you want an illustration that portrays that.

This illustration will feature your shop or boutique.


Each illustration is done by hand in my personal style. I love all things pink, drawing beautiful small shops, pretty girls, fashion, travel and flowers. Let’s talk!

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