Custom illustrations for Nail Salon – Nail’d it London

I’m excited to share a recent project that I had the pleasure of working on: creating custom illustrations for We Nail’d It, the best Instagrammable nail salon in London. Allow me to take you on a journey through this incredible collaboration!

From the moment I entered the vibrant world of We Nail’d It, I was captivated by their dedication to providing a unique and visually stunning salon experience. My goal was to create custom illustrations that would capture the essence of their brand. Also I wanted to bring a touch of creativity to their coffee cups and social media platforms.

Immersing myself in We Nail’d It’s brand identity, I set out to design illustrations that would resonate with their target audience and reflect their trendy and Instagrammable vibe. With a friendly and approachable tone, I aimed to create visuals that would evoke a sense of joy and excitement.

Utilizing my artistic skills and digital tools, I carefully crafted custom illustrations that perfectly represented We Nail’d It’s unique nail art. I went for vibrant colors, and stylish atmosphere. Each illustration I thoughtfully designed it to create an engaging and visually appealing experience for customers.

These illustrations now adorn We Nail’d It’s coffee cups, adding an extra touch of personality and charm to their customers’ salon visits. They serve as a delightful surprise, making the entire experience more memorable and Instagram-worthy.

Moreover, the custom illustrations I created have become an integral part of We Nail’d It’s social media presence. From Instagram posts to stories, these visuals elevate their online content. It certaintly help them stand out in a saturated digital landscape.

I invite you to explore We Nail’d It’s website at

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I look forward to helping you bring your creative vision to life. Let’s make your brand shine with captivating custom illustrations!