I’m excited to share the extraordinary project I had the pleasure of working on, brand design for Fait Maison. Nestled in the heart of London and with a branch in Doha, Fait Maison is a culinary haven led by a talented Executive Chef. Yvonne Osman, affectionately known as Om Waleed. Join me as we delve into the world of Fait Maison. Let’s explore the brand design that captures its essence.

Custom Illustrations for a Restaurant:

To showcase the beauty of Fait Maison’s restaurants, I created custom illustrations that depict the elegant interiors adorned with floral decorations. These illustrations have been a perfect fit for their social media and marketing materials, showcasing the inviting atmosphere and enticing diners to experience the extraordinary dining journey that awaits them. From the delicate table settings to the vibrant floral accents, these illustrations capture the essence of Fait Maison’s feminine and elegant brand.

Brand Packaging:

Custom illustrations adorned Fait Maison’s coffee cups, beverages, and tote bags, making every sip and every carry a delightful experience. These unique touches reflect the attention to detail that Fait Maison is known for, elevating the brand beyond the dining experience and into the everyday lives of their patrons.

Collaborating with Fait Maison as their illustrtor has been a truly gratifying experience. Through custom illustrations, we’ve captured the charm and elegance of their restaurants, showcasing their floral-themed interiors that make dining a truly memorable experience. Additionally, the brand packaging adds a touch of sophistication to their offerings, ensuring that every interaction with Fait Maison is an extension of their commitment to quality and excellence. I invite you to explore the world of Fait Maison, where Chef Om Waleed’s culinary creations take center stage, surrounded by a brand design that celebrates the beauty and flavors that make Fait Maison a destination for discerning palates.

Welcome to the delectable world of Fait Maison!

custom illustration for fait maison
color palette for restaurant branding