Brand identity for shoe brand- Shoes by Flor

I’m thrilled to present a recent project that allowed me to unleash my creative prowess: the brand design for Shoes by Flor. As the creative brand designer, I had the privilege of crafting a comprehensive brand identity for this remarkable shoe brand. I started with the logo design, branding and color palette. I also designed custom illustrations for their website and social media. Let me take you through this extraordinary collaboration!

From the moment I delved into the world of Shoes by Flor, I was captivated by their commitment to creating stylish and comfortable footwear. My mission was to design a brand that not only reflected their unique offerings but also resonated with their target audience.

First and foremost, I embarked on creating a captivating logo design that would serve as the cornerstone of their brand identity. Through meticulous selection of typography and graphic elements, I aimed to create a logo that exudes both sophistication and approachability. The logo serves as a visual representation of Shoes by Flor’s essence. It will instantly capture attention and leave a lasting impression.

Building upon the logo, I created the brand identity for shoe brand. I crafted a comprehensive branding strategy that included a carefully curated color palette. Each color was thoughtfully chosen to evoke emotions, create visual harmony, and align with the brand’s identity. The colors seamlessly blend to create a cohesive and visually appealing experience for customers.

To further elevate the brand’s visual presence, I created custom illustrations that convey the essence of Shoes by Flor. Whether showcased on their website or social media platforms, these illustrations add a touch of creativity and personality to their digital presence. They create a captivating and engaging visual experience for their audience.

Through collaboration and meticulous attention to detail, I successfully brought Shoes by Flor’s brand to life. The logo, branding, color palette, and custom illustrations work harmoniously to create a cohesive and captivating brand identity.

Thank you for visiting, where I proudly showcase my work with Shoes by Flor. If you’re in search of a creative brand designer who can bring your vision to life, I would be thrilled to collaborate with you. Together, let’s create a brand that not only reflects your unique offerings but also resonates with your target audience.

I look forward to helping you achieve your creative aspirations. Let’s make your brand stand out and walk confidently into a world of style and comfort!

brand identity for shoe brand
custom illustration for shoe brand
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