Boss Babe

Hi, my name is Criss Rosu and I am a creative brand designer and illustrator. I help boss babes and female entrepreneurs build a feminine brand and feel great about their business.

My unique approach of combining illustrations and brand design will help you have a brand that inspires, build trust and offers a cohesive look both online and offline.

I am so happy that you are here. I love creating pretty illustrations that are inspired by all things beautiful..

I love to travel across the world, to visit beautiful places, I adore small boutiques and flowers and my favorite color is pink

 I am an artist from Romania, Transylvania from a beautiful city called Cluj-Napoca and I am married to the best husband in the world. 

I loved beautiful things since I can remember and art was always a part of my life. 

Have some fun facts to Share…


since my first design




Average Cups of Coffee Daily



I remember when I was maybe in 6th or 7th grade we had an amazing art teacher that stayed with a few of us after classes and she taught me how to draw a fashion model, eyes and fashion stuff, and I fell so deeply in love with drawing. We had a school competition with fashion design and I won 2 place. From that moment when someone asked me what I wanna be when I grow up I always said a designer or fashion designer.

Well year flew by, I got married and started a business. I was a wedding designer for more than 10 year, I did flowers arrangements and decorations for more than 200 weddings until I decided to switch things up a little bit. I also have a small boutique with wedding invitations and accessories and a Photography studio for babies and families.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with many clients from all over the world, from beauty salons to restaurants, photographers and business owners it is my pleasure to draw and design beautiful custom art works.


and I’d love to hear from you